​A small, hard-working consulting firm based in South Africa. Established in 2010, we hit the ground running with our first project to design a brochure for the only independent psychosocial disability rights self representative organization. Since then we have experienced huge growth, going from strength to strength, taking on and successfully managing the proposal writing, implementation and reporting of advocacy projects at an African and International level



The Psychosocial Disability Rights Project was establised in 2010 as a response to the need for researchers and consultants with experiential knowledge of survivng the western psychiatric medical services system to work for change, social justice and human rights.



Our goal at the Psychosocial Disability Rights Project is to provide effective solutions designed to drive social change, promote human rights and set the groundwork for effective legislative and policy frameworks that will embrace all of human diversity.

All challenges have solutions, it is all about striving to achieve them with integrity and hard work. Life was never meant to be a picnic, a life of just eating and sleeping.

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Phone: +27 720441024

​Email: psychrightssa@gamil.com

Address: 6 The Vines, Constantia, 7860


“So long as the superstition that men, womyn, children and those that do not identify with existing gender stereotypes should obey unjust laws exists, so long will their slavery exist. And a passive resister alone can remove such a superstition.”

Ghandi (apologies for necessary 21st Century edit)

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